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Speechkeys is a new unique (patent-pending) keyboard that combines non-stop, continuous, natural Speech-To-Text TOGETHER with key-typing and additional enhancing features.

Stop getting frustrated by mobile typing. Your keyboard should understand you, not the other way around. Speechkeys makes mobile typing easy - so you can focus on your text and thoughts - and not on the keyboard.
Type unlimited at the speed of speech. Click the mic and start dictating. Unlike regular voice-typing - it will never cut you in the middle. You don't have to click again and again to restart it. We mean it - we're talking about whole assays - thousands of words - written in the speed of your speech. You can now voice-type while you're walking, driving or working around the house. Want to insert a mark, symbol, or emoji? Do it while in dictation mode - no need to stop - and go back. This way - you can dictate punctuation marks if you like - but you don't need to - you can insert with a single click if you prefer. The result is super fast, accurate and easy voice typing.


What we offer


Continuous and non-stop. Click the mic once. Speak as much as you like. Enhanced with smart automatic spacing and capitalization, such that manual editing is reduced to min.


Add punctuation marks quickly and easily. You can either dictate them, or, if you prefer, single-click on the wanted mark - without ever stopping or leaving the dictation mode.


Add your own pre-defined text and bind it to one of the customizable keys. This way you can always insert common used text with a single click. Think about your email address for example.


Shrink the keyboard to a single row - so you can enjoy your big screen. No reason why a dictation keyboard should occupy so much valuable space on your device.


Well, that's just fun - enjoy cool fun emojis right in your keyboard. Insert them in a click without leaving dictation mode.


Speechkeys voice-typing supports more than a 100 languages & accents.

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This app is given for your usage and enjoyment AS-IS. We do our best to develop the best apps, but, as with any software, we might have errors and furthermore, we rely on Google as our service provider, which might change its software without notice. Therefor, we cannot be responsible for any data loss, or failure in the software's performance. Furthermore, we rely on Google and Android as our speech recognition engine, so changes in their APIs might affect our app's performance. Failures might happen without notice. We encourage you to test the app before purchasing. In general, purchases are not refundable. Subscriptions can be stopped at any time.